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Song on my mind... "She's Got You High" by Mumm-Ra. It's the third song from (500) Days of Summer that has burrowed its way deep into my brain.

After several listens, it occurred to me that I'm a sucker for songs with "high" in the title.

With that in mind, on this twentieth day of the fourth month of the year, here are my Top 5 favorite "high" songs (links are to YouTube videos)...

  1. "High Enough" by Damned Yankees
  2. "High and Dry" by Radiohead
  3. "She's Got You High" by Mumm-Ra
  4. "She's So High" by Tal Bachman
  5. "Jimmy Gets High" by Daniel Powter


gg said:

you know, i actually only recently learned what 4:20 meant! i now wish i could reverse time and hold onto my innocence just a little bit longer. :p or maybe live in a sideways 'verse where the island never happened. ;) anyways, in the vein of your witty post, i thought of a couple more songs to fit the category:

"high" by james blunt
"the tide is high" by the paragons
"on a high" by duncan sheik
"angels we have heard on high" (classic Christmas carol)*

* that last one may be inappropriate considering the post. :p

David said:

I suspect being exposed to a little slang is less harmful than being exposed to six seasons of Lost. Of course, in a sideways universe, the show didn't dawdle or wander, and finished in three years, thus sparing its audience from seemingly interminable mental anguish. :P

Excellent song additions, by the way, except maybe that last one. I have a feeling the next time I hear it, I will think "4:20" and snicker inappropriately. I've been corrupted. :D

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